Standard #12 Board-Staff Accountability

The club can demonstrate, if the club hires staff, the board (or equivalent governance structure) is accountable in the following ways:

The board (or an equivalent governance structure) is accountable for the recruitment and selection of the most senior employees (i.e., CEO, Executive Director, Technical Director, Head Coach) in the club.

The head coach (or equivalent) of the club provides regular reports to the board of directors.

The most senior staff person, in consultation with the board of directors (or equivalent governance structure), sets and reports annual performance objectives.


Examples of Evidence

  • Relevant board (or equivalent governance structure) policies and/or processes regarding recruitment, hiring practices, and hiring committees
  • Board minutes (or equivalent governance structure)   including reports from the head coach (or equivalent) 
  • Board minutes (or equivalent governance structure)   pertaining to the annual performance objectives reporting 

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