Standard #21 Governance Documents

The club can demonstrate that it is in compliance with its by-laws and that the board (or equivalent) has approved/adopted and regularly reviewed polices and documentation:

  1. Code of ethics/conduct which all directors, staff, coaches and volunteers are familiar with and to which they adhere, including disciplinary provisions;
  2. Conflict of interest policy that:
    • Applies to board (or equivalent), staff, coaches, officials and volunteers;
    • Provides for disclosure, review and decision on actual or perceived conflicts of interest; and
    • Describes situations where board members or their companies may be reasonably compensated for services provided to the club, other than in their capacity as a director (all legal requirements and conflict of interest obligations must be met if the club wishes to allow for this situation); and
  3. Harassment and abuse policy for the board of directors (or equivalent), volunteers, staff, officials, coaches, athletes, parents and members/participants;
  4. Communication and privacy policy that includes:
    • A process for dealing with complaints that is readily accessible to the membership;
    • A process for the management and usage of member images or videos for marketing and/or fundraising purposes;
    • If applicable, a description of how the club uses websites and social media, including the type of information shared, responsibility and the frequency that information is reviewed; and
    • Guidelines for the management of all personal information provided by athletes and participants including who has access to the information, when it is submitted, and when and how it will be disposed of; and
  5. Conflict resolution policy and a process through which decisions can be reviewed or appealed to a higher governing body (such as the district association, provincial sport organization, national sport organization, or the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada).
  6. The club is registered as a society under a provincial society act or is incorporated at the provincial or federal level as either a not-for-profit corporation or for-profit corporation.
  7. The club has a constitution, by-laws and/or operational policies and procedures.
  8. The club has a certificate of insurance in the club’s name for all members, programs, and activities including the following minimum coverages: 2 million Commercial General Liability and 1 million  Directors and Officers liability coverage and meets any PTSO/NSO insurance requirements.  The certificate should specify the activities covered off, for example ‘all sanctioned by the club or association’.


Examples of Evidence

  • Relevant documents such as policies and procedures
  • Detail how all documents are communicated to staff, parents, coaches, athletes and volunteers
  • Proof of participation in risk management programs such as True Sport Risk Management
  • Conflict of interest declarations and list of individuals who have completed it and/or meeting minutes that demonstrates board is aware of, and effectively managing, conflicts of interest
  • Codes of conduct reflect the True Sport Values and Principles
  • Proof of registration or incorporation and registration number
  • Constitution/by-laws
  • Certificate of insurance for the applicable scope of coverage

Tip: To obtain a certificate of insurance you need to contact your insurance provider or your NSO/PTSO in instances where insurance is provided through your sport’s governing body.

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