Who's Affiliated?

The following clubs have self-declared as Club Excellence Affiliates. 

If you  have any questions or concerns related to Club Excellence status, please contact info@clubexcellence.com or call 613-521-3340.

Club City Province Sport Website
Calgary Men's Senior Basketball Association Calgary AB Basketball http://csmba.ca/ http://csmba.ca/
Richmond Hill Canoe Club Richmond Hill ON Canoe Kayak http://www.rhcc.on.ca/ http://www.rhcc.on.ca/
Regina Dolphins Swim Team Regina SK Swimming https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp
Waveriders Swim Club Quesnel BC Swimming http://www.quesnelwaveriders.ca http://www.quesnelwaveriders.ca
Banook Canoe Club Dartmouth NS Canoe Kayak http://banookcanoeclub.com/ http://banookcanoeclub.com/
Calgary Warriors Track Club Airdrie AB Athletics http://www.calgarywarriorstrack.com/ http://www.calgarywarriorstrack.com/
Markham Aquatic Club Markham ON Swimming http://www.markhamaquaticclub.com/Home.jsp http://www.markhamaquaticclub.com/Home.jsp
Calgary Patriots Swim Club Calgary AB Swimming http://www.calgarypatriots.com http://www.calgarypatriots.com
Alberta Water Polo Association Calgary AB Water Polo http://www.albertawaterpolo.ca/ http://www.albertawaterpolo.ca/
Brantford Aquatic Club Brantford ON Swimming http://www.brantfordaquaticclub.ca http://www.brantfordaquaticclub.ca
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