Advanced Risk Management Workshop for Leaders

Canadian sport organizations looking to leverage lessons learned during their first risk management workshop may be interested in advancing their risk management efforts and integrating values-based decision-making into their culture through the next level workshop.

The longitudinal research collected since 2010, in collaboration with Brock University, has shown that the Risk Management Workshop offers substantial positive outcomes, not only at the individual level, but also at the organizational and systemic levels of Canadian sport. The workshop provides significant value for participants, their organizations, and the Canadian sport community by aligning leaders around a common decision-making framework, effecting better business processes.

This one-day workshop is facilitated by the Sport Law & Strategy Group and coordinated by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) with funding from Sport Canada.

Why another workshop?

As organizations mature they follow a development cycle that often requires renewal of key processes and foundational concepts. Sport leaders who participate in the Management by Values workshop explore high-level risks, share common solutions with like-minded peers from other NSOs and MSOs, and examine how to support cultural transformation.

The Workshop

  • The workshop is offered to sport organizations who have already participated in the Introduction to Risk Management Workshop.
  • The workshop is designed to hone risk management skills by providing additional context and tools, and to emphasize how a Management by Values approach can support more proactive risk management.
  • The one-day workshop is facilitated by Dina Bell-Laroche, an experienced sport consultant who specializes in risk management and management by values. Dina is also a certified Integral Master CoachTM with Integral Coaching Canada.
  • Registration is limited to 10 individuals to facilitate meaningful interaction among participants.
  • Participants may be able to apply for support to work on a specific project that is meaningful to the organization and furthers the organization’s risk management efforts. This is a cost-sharing initiative between the CCES and the participating NSO.

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