Associate Members

Club Excellence welcomes associate members in the form of national and provincial sport organizations that invest in the program. Their role in the program will be to:

  • Provide important sport-specific criteria to strengthen the standards and make them more relevant to their members; and
  • Provide discounts to their member clubs to lower the cost of Club Excellence services.

The benefits to organizations of becoming an associate member include:

  • A sustainable model based on sound business strategy, which supports member clubs.
  • Independent third party operation, which removes any sport conflict from the equation.
  • Return on investment: a recent study found that certification provides value to clubs and enables better promotion of clubs in communities.
  • A multi-sport program, which adds value and leverages economies of scale to provide greater value than a single sport lens.
  • Improved connection of clubs back to national and provincial sport organization initiatives.
  • Working together creates capital, increasing the value of the program and distributing the cost of certification and other services to make them affordable for even the smallest clubs.
  • Most importantly, a system to build capacity in member clubs.

Read more about how your national or provincial sport organization can become an associate member.

Our current associate members are:

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