The integrity of the Club Excellence brand is key to its value. The mark will be comparable from sport to sport, because it is founded on a set of standards applicable to any community sport organization.

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The Club Excellence Cooperative (CEC) will:

  • Encourage parents, athletes, volunteers and coaches to demand Club Excellence certification when considering registration or volunteering with a club.
  • Encourage parents and participants to consider the Club Excellence certification when comparing sport options in their community.
  • Encourage sport participants to look for the mark and ask for accountability.

Club Excellence affiliation and certification is similar to the International Standards Organization (ISO) or the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where adherence to standards is regularly reviewed by external auditors. Clubs will begin their journey to certification through the declaration of Affiliate status, which demonstrates their commitment to offering fair, safe and open sport experiences to all of its members.

As part of the program, Club Excellence will ensure the ongoing integrity of its brand. Because clubs use the brand to convey a message of reliability and confidence to parents and administrators, the value of the brand must be strictly guarded. If a certified club is not maintaining its adherence to the standards, it affects everyone.

Thus, it is critical to ensure that clubs are maintaining their commitment to the standards. To this end, Club Excellence will review about 5-10% of affiliated and certified clubs every year, either in person or over the telephone.  Club Excellence may also launch a targeted review of a certified club based on a third party report from a parent or member of a club or association.

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