Club Excellence Cooperative

The Club Excellence Cooperative (CEC) manages the program. Made up of three national sport organizations and one multi-sport organization, the CEC provides financial support and is responsible for the program’s overall direction and long-term sustainability.

The founding organizations are:

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In 2007 the CEC (at the time comprised of Gymnastics Canada, Speed Skating Canada, Swimming Canada, Athletics Canada, and CanoeKayak Canada) came together under a common goal:

  • Identify a stable and supportive environment for coaches;
  • Improve implementation of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) at the community level; and
  • Ensure that quality programs are delivered at the club level.

Gymnastics Canada contributed the “Business of Gymnastics” document to initiate the program.

The True Sport Foundation functions as the program secretariat and manages the Club Excellence Fund on behalf of the CEC.

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