Club Excellence releases revised Level 1 standards for community sport clubs

OTTAWA, Ontario (August 14th 2014) – Club Excellence, the only multi-sport, national certification program for community sport clubs in Canada, has released updated standards for Level 1 certification. The new version clarifies requirements in several areas including safety, insurance, financial reporting, and governance.

While opening the door for certification of for-profit sport clubs, the enhancements to the Level 1 standards follow 12 months of consultation and more than 300 hours spent assessing clubs of all sizes representing multiple sports. The feedback collected from these assessments has allowed the program to revise its standard in order to reflect the realities faced at the community level.

The new Level 1 standards also include:

  • Further clarity surrounding standards involving statutory remittances and by-laws, through consultation with industry experts and community level sport clubs;
  • Expanded wording to enable clubs with an alternate governance structure (for-profit) to comply;
  • Increased clarity for standards that require some level of board motions or approvals in the Examples of Evidence section; and
  • Updated examples of evidence throughout the document.

The program continues to work closely with 11 national and provincial sport organizations and their member clubs, with several community clubs closer than ever to receiving Level 1 certification. For participating clubs, the Club Excellence brand demonstrates to athletes, parents, officials, and the community at large, the club is committed to proper governance principles, increased financial accountability, promotion of long-term athlete development, and ultimately to offering fair, safe and open sport experiences to all. The brand is a sign that the club or association is investing in building capacity to become a better club.

In the coming months, Club Excellence will be announcing two important partnerships which will increase the exposure of the program across the country.

About Club Excellence

The Club Excellence Cooperative (CEC) was created in 2007 with common goals to identify a stable and supportive environment for coaches, provide clubs with the tools and resources to enable them to deliver a sport experience that is based on the True Sport values of fairness, excellence, inclusion and fun. The standards also provide a framework to improve the implementation of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) at the community level, and ensure quality club programming. The program recognizes clubs and associations that invest in building capacity to meet and exceed a basic set of operating principles.

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Media Contact : Amanda Burford

Program Coordinator,
Club Excellence (613) 521-3340 x3205