Club Excellence begins with a self-declaration that a club or association meets 10 key requirements. By taking this step, a sport club or association instantly becomes a Club Excellence Affiliate and can use the brand to promote its commitment to proper governance principles, increased financial accountability, promotion of long-term athlete development, and ultimately to offering fair, safe and open sport experiences to all. The brand is a sign that the club or association is willing to invest in building capacity to meet and exceed a basic set of operating principles.

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On the most basic level, the Club Excellence program encourages clubs and associations to operate differently, plan ahead for challenges and serve their members more effectively.

As the standards are put into practice they will have other radiating effects:

  • Generate internal discussion around marketing and revenue generation.
  • Encourage sponsorship discussions with corporate partners.
  • Create a decision-making framework through the use of a clear vision, terms of reference and effective coordination.
  • Streamline the process for partnering with other community organizations.
  • Help clubs deliver quality sport programming to participants.
  • Develop clear policies and practices to help reduce the time spent fighting fires.

For clubs involved in Club Excellence, the return on resource investment can be tremendous.

  • The Club Excellence Cooperative will be engaging community sport participants around the Club Excellence brand by targeting parents, athletes, coaches and officials and encourage them to seek out certified clubs.
  • National sport organizations that become associate members in the Club Excellence program can offer benefits to their members, such as advanced marketing opportunities and preferred pricing on resources such as coaching courses and association tools.
  • Municipalities are considering preferred facility usage (such as times) and subsidized rates for Club Excellence certified organizations. 

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