Below is a list of general resources that can help your club achieve excellence.

The list is sorted by the organization that developed the resource, and can be searched and filtered using the tool at right.

For resources specific to each Club Excellence standard, browse through the 30 standards.

Title Source
Example: Competitive Coach Requirements/Screening Policy CCES
Additional Reading: Online Enhanced Police Record Check Sterling Talent Solutions
Additional Reading: E-PIC results: What do they mean? CCES
Additional Reading: Requesting an E-PIC vs. Vulnerable sector check CCES
Additional Reading: What is an Enhanced Police Record Check (E-PIC) CCES
Additional Reading: RCMP-Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Checks CCES
Example: Athlete Development Plan CCES
Example: Board of Directors Handbook CCES
Example: Mission and Values CCES
Preventing and Reporting Child Abuse Canadian Centre for Child Protection
Conflict of Interest Related Resources SDRCC
Dispute Resolution and Appeals CCES
Example: Coach Training and Certification Log Template CCES
Example: Risk Management and Screening CCES
Example: Hiring and Employment Policy Certified Club
Example: Equity and Inclusion Policy Certified Club
Example: Talent or Athlete Media Release CCES
Example: Event Media Release Template CCES
Example: Terms of Reference Template CCES
Template: Meeting Agenda and Minutes CCES
Example: Harassment Policy CCES
CE Insurance Declaration Template CCES
10 Tips for Responding to Media CCES
Example: Complaints and Disciplinary Measures Policy Certified Club
Example: Privacy and Communications Policy Certified Club
Example: Conflict of Interest Policy Certified Club
Example: Code of Ethical Conduct Policy Certified Club
Example: By-Laws Certified Club
Coach & Instructor Screening / Training and Certification Tracking Sheet CCES
Example: Director Orientation Package Certified Club