Below is a list of general resources that can help your club achieve excellence.

The list is sorted by the organization that developed the resource, and can be searched and filtered using the tool at right.

For resources specific to each Club Excellence standard, browse through the 30 standards.

Title Source
Best People - Effectiveness Audit John Spence
Vivid Vision - Things to Think About and Discuss John Spence
Vivid Vision - Turning Ideas Into Action John Spence
Vivid Vision - Effectiveness Audit John Spence
Communication Checklist John Spence
Be Committed to Kids! Canadian Centre for Child Protection
Social Enterprise: The Three P's: Philosophy, Process & Practicalities The Muttart Foundation
Untapped Potential: Fostering Organizational Social Capital in the Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector The Muttart Foundation
The Dance: Seeking, Administering and Accounting for Funding in the Voluntary Sector The Muttart Foundation
The Board & Executive Director - Developing and Nurturing an Effective Relationship The Muttart Foundation
Board Building: Recruiting & Developing Effective Board Members for Not-For-Profit Organizations The Muttart Foundation
Enhancing Volunteer Participation with the Ethno-Cultural Community The Muttart Foundation
Conversations about Capacity Building The Muttart Foundation
Board Development: Hiring and Performance Appraisal of the Executive Director The Muttart Foundation
Board Development: Financial Responsibilities The Muttart Foundation
Additional Reading: Drafting & Revising By-Laws The Muttart Foundation
Board Development: Developing Job Descriptions for Board Members The Muttart Foundation
Weaving through the Community: Becoming a Responsive Board The Muttart Foundation
Responding to Diversity The Muttart Foundation
The Garden Patch: An Organic Approach to Planning for the Voluntary Sector The Muttart Foundation
Transitions: the Art of Implementing Positive Change The Muttart Foundation
Recruiting, Mentoring and Retaining The Right People Volunteer Canada
Have We Thanked The Volunteers? Volunteer Canada
How Can We Avoid Burnout? Volunteer Canada
Have You Risk-Proofed Your Operations? (Volunteer Canada) Volunteer Canada
How Are We Doing? The Essential Check-Ups Volunteer Canada
How Does Your Group Make Decisions? Volunteer Canada
Do You Run Effective Meetings? Volunteer Canada
Youth: How Can We Get Them Involved? Volunteer Canada
How Do You Attract The Right People And Keep Them Involved? Volunteer Canada